Your Feedback

Your feedback is important to us. Your comments, compliments and complaints help us review, evaluate and improve the services we offer. We appreciate all feedback and take complaints very seriously.

We are committed to:

  • Responding promptly to feedback
  • Judging all complaints on their merits and facts
  • Acting on any conflict of interest
  • Providing an appropriate remedy for any complaint that is substantiated
  • Providing a clear explanation of why and what actions have been undertaken as a result of the feedback or complaint
  • Providing those giving feedback with access to the grievance procedure and/or external processes, should they be dissatisfied with the way the feedback process was handled
  • Recording, assessing and reviewing feedback (positive or negative)
  • Managing information obtained through the feedback process according to privacy and confidentiality requirements

There are several ways you can give feedback.

You can contact our head office:

Abbotsford, Victoria
53 Abbotsford St, Abbotsford Victoria 3067
Ph: 03 9270 9700 

You can contact the office you visited. Click here for our list of offices.

Or you can complete this form. Your comments will be sent to our General Manager, Corporate Services.

eg “Please do not call after business hours.”
(Please give as much detail as possible, including dates, places, names.)
(For example, investigate, review a decision, apologise.)
(If you need help, please say what you need, eg an interpreter, a support person)

Your privacy is important to us. The details you provide are collected only for the purpose outlined in this form. These details will be stored on our secure network. View our privacy policy here: