Inequality in Australia 2018 Report

The Inequality in Australia 2018 report examines the distribution of wealth in Australia and tracks changes in income and wealth inequality over time. It also looks at how different kinds of households fit within the income spectrum.

Among those who are over-represented in the lowest 20 per cent of households by income are:

  • Sole parents (36%)
  • Over 65s (39%)
  • People who are unemployed (77%)
  • People who are born in non-English speaking countries (24%)
  • People living outside capital cities (25%)

The report is the first in a series to be produced over five years.

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Impacts on women
We published the How does wealth inequality impact women in Australia? fact sheet to explore the data from a gender perspective. It outlines how women in the lowest 20 per cent of households by income are further disadvantaged through lower wages and discrimination in the labour market.

Read more of our gendered analysis on income and wealth inequality.

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