We need #StrongerSchools

9 October 2018

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is part of the Victorian Council of Social Services' Stronger Schools campaign, working to make the public education system stronger, fairer and more inclusive for every Victorian child. 

Susan Maury, Policy & Research Specialist — Educational Pathways, worked as part of a group to develop a clear set of evidence-based policies that will make our public education system stronger — The action plan for inclusive education — which will be used as a platform to lobby the government ahead of the upcoming Victorian election.

Education is one of the most powerful tools we have to disrupt cycles of disadvantage. The kind of experience young people have at school influences both their health and wellbeing and future employment prospects. 

"The more educated a young person is, the more their opportunities open up. Higher education levels will in turn increase opportunities for their children,” Stella Avramopoulos, CEO Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand.

 Will you help us to make sure every Victorian child has a fair start in life? Sign the petition.


Learn more about making schools stronger. Good Shepherd has published two articles about the campaign on the Power to Persuade blog, which we co-direct with the Centre for Social Impact UNSW:

  1. Building Stronger Schools is everyone’s business: Jessie Mitchell from the Youth Affairs Council Victoria explains their support for the Stronger Schools campaign and how the community sector can support schools to keep children and young people engaged.
  2. Rosie in the classroom: A 1950’s history teacher’s gift to young women today: Maddy Crehan at the Victorian Women’s Trust highlights an innovative program that provides teachers with lesson plans for issues such as healthy relationships, creating and sustaining positive friendships, and looking after mental health.