Statement on the Parliamentary Inquiry into Family Law

19 September 2019

The Federal Government’s decision to launch yet another inquiry into the family law system is curious and disappointing. Just a few months ago, the independent Government agency, the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), handed the Federal Attorney-General a comprehensive report into the system that made 60 recommendations for reform.

The Government is yet to act on any of these, which include putting the best interests of the child first, encouragement of amicable dispute resolution, stricter case management and measures to prevent children falling through the gaps. A Parliamentary inquiry into the system is unnecessary and distracts from the real issues at hand that need addressing now. The Federal Government has all the evidence it needs to make overdue reforms to the system, and it should not be side-tracked by spurious claims that diminish the legitimate experiences of women and children.

We call on the Prime Minister, as well as the leaders of the Labor and Greens parties, to avoid further delays to reforming the system and immediately implement the ALRC’s recommendations.

Stella Avramopoulos, CEO, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand


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