Jane's story: A story of hope

Jane's story is one of hope: for her,  and the many young people who turn to our Waranara School for a new beginning.

Jane was up against enormous challenges. Her family split up. They had fled a violent household and had nowhere safe to live. Jane was unable to live with her mother for some time and had lost trust in people.

It's hard to imagine dealing with all that and trying to stay in school. With the support of our teachers, counsellors and Principal, Jane felt motivated to stay in school. Jane describes Waranara School as a place where she felt safe and understood. It was a place where she could connect with other people and be accepted. It gave her a fresh start.

Waranara School is a registered, accredited independent school in Marrickville, NSW. Our unique school model focuses on supporting young people, particularly those experiencing anxiety or poor mental health, to re-engage with their education and to build confidence and capability. Our school works flexibly with students and focuses on their individual strengths.

For some, Waranara School is their last hope.

You can help

As you consider gifts of meaning this Easter, please consider making a tax deductible contribution to support students at Waranara School - and give young people like Jane a new beginning.