Fundraising Ideas, Tips & Resources

Everything you need to make your fundraiser a success!

Organising a fundraising event for Good Shepherd can help create a better future for women and girls. Below we have provided some suggestions as to how you can raise funds to support Good Shepherd’s programs. Whatever you choose to do, we very much appreciate it!

At School

Casual clothes or themed dress up day - with a gold coin donation for participating.

Bake sale – turn lunchtime into yum time by baking some treats and selling them for $2 each.

Guess the jellybean competition – fill a jar with jellybeans and charge $1 per guess, the winner gets the whole jar.

Car Wash – get some friends together and offer to wash the teachers’ cars in lunch time for a donation.

Sausage sizzle – get your teacher or canteen to help set up a sausage sizzle lunch.

Craft Market - Hold a fete selling craft items, made by you and your friends.


At Work

A themed day – whether its footy colours, silly hats, or Halloween have some fun with a dress up day for a gold coin donation to participate.

Bring a plate – ask staff to bring a plate of food to share for a lunch and charge an entry fee.

Coffee -Break– Give up your morning coffee for a day, a week or a month and donate the money you saved, encourage your colleges to do the same and see if your employer can match your fundraising total.

Workplace giving - Set up a monthly workplace giving donation and get your colleagues to do the same.

Raffle – See if your boss will give up their fancy office or car park for a day and raffle it off.

Throw out your old mobile phones - There are companies that will willingly give you cash in return for your old phone. Recycling your phone helps your carbon footprint too.



Birthday present - Request a donation to Good Shepherd in your name as a birthday present

Get Active - Participate in an event such as Run Melbourne or City 2 Surf in Sydney and choose Good Shepherd as your charity

Challenge – Whether it’s running 10kms, climbing a mountain or not having chocolate for a whole month set yourself a challenge and ask for people to sponsor you

Trivia – Host a trivia night fundraiser with your friends and family, charge a gold coin for every question they get wrong

Getting Married - Donate in lieu of a Bonbonniere Gift

Donate – if this all sounds like too much effort just set up a monthly donation on Good Shepherds website


To set up an online Fundraising page

To register for an online fundraising page visit


Making it Happen

To kick start your fundraising event it’s always good to make a plan which includes a description of the event, what needs to be done, who will do it, how many people to invite, what you will do to raise funds and importantly how will you promote your event and get lots of people there.


Fundraising online 

  • Be the first! By donating to your own fundraising page, you’re showing your commitment to your fundraising and setting the benchmark for the family and friends who come to your page to make a donation.

  •  Remember to upload a profile photo - people want to see who they’re donating to (and it helps create an emotional connection!).

  •  Update your fundraising page! Keep your family, friends and colleagues updated with your training and fundraising progress. How are you going? What obstacles have you come across? What are you really enjoying?

  •  Tell your story. Let your family and friends know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. They want to know your story, so go ahead and share your passion!

  •  If you hit your target, or you’re close to reaching it... increase it! If your network think you’re close to your target, they might not donate as much as they originally intended.


Use Social Media and Emails

Share the link to your Everyday Hero page on Facebook, Twitter and in emails to reach as many friends and family as you can. Remember to update your supporters, share the link to your page to remind those that haven’t got around to donating yet and update your page so that your donors can see how you’re tracking.

Remember to send the event details to Good Shepherd, we can also post details on our Facebook page in the lead up to the event or at the end to celebrate your success!  


Media Support

Get your local media involved, the community newspapers or local radio station may support your event. Tell them what you’re doing and why, share your inspiration and passion, and don’t forget to make sure you mention how people can support you, by attending or donating to your online page.



If you would like Good Shepherd information brochures or a speaker at your event let us know, call us on 1800 791 731 or email

You can also download information about Good Shepherd from the website.


At your event

  • Add some fundraising elements to the event, a raffle, game, wishing well, see the ideas on page 1 for more ideas.

  • Take photos to post on social media, your fundraising page and to us so we can share with friends of Good Shepherd on Facebook.

  • Remember to say thank you – It’s easy to forget but saying thank you to everyone supporting the event, involved in organising the event or attending the event is really important. If you would like us to help by sending out thank you letters to your sponsors just let us know.

  • Have fun! This is what you’ve been working towards, enjoy it!


After your event

You can deposit funds raised directly onto your Everyday Hero page if you set one up. Alternatively you can deposit them into our bank account, donate them online using credit card via out website or send a cheque to us. We will send an official receipt to you once the funds have been received.

Our Bank details are:

Name: Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

BSB : 033-364

Account No: 825653

Our Postal Address:

P O Box 182 Abbotsford VIC 3067