School Focused Youth Service

School Focused Youth Service (SFYS) supports students between Years 5–12 who are attending school but are vulnerable to, or showing signs of, disengaging from education.

This early identification and intervention program is available to students in government, Catholic and independent schools who:

  • Face barriers to engagement, including homelessness
  • Are in a vulnerable cohort, for example are young carers
  • Are showing signs of disengaging, including low or erratic attendance 

How the program works

Through SFYS, local government and community-based agencies work with schools and students to deliver three types of services:

  • SFYS agencies can work directly with groups of disengaged students to deliver a wide range of targeted interventions. These interventions enable students to improve their social and emotional skills, build their self-esteem, develop more positive attitudes towards learning and experience success.
  • SFYS agencies can work with schools to build teachers' capacity and support them to better understand and respond to disengaged students. This includes professional development opportunities.
  • SFYS agencies may also work with the families and carers of students. A partnership approach between the school, families/carers and the SFYS agency can be an effective way to make sure students receive the additional support they need to remain engaged in their education. 

SFYS in Brimbank

Our School Focused Youth Service directly supports all government, independent and Catholic primary and secondary schools across Brimbank City Council.

Contact our Manager Education Program on 8312 8800 for more information.

354 Main Road West, St Albans Vic 3021
03 8312 8800

School Focused Youth Service is funded by the Department of Education and Training.