Our vision and purpose

Through our work we aspire for all women, girls and families to be safe, well, strong and connected.

Our vision is that all women, girls and families are safe, well, strong and connected.

Our purpose is to enable fullness of life for women, girls and families experiencing disadvantage.

Our values of audacity, zeal, justice, the value of each person and reconciliation guide our work. 

Our impact: We will focus our impact on:


  • Economic participation and wellbeing - Women are enabled to be economically strong.
  • Safety - Women, girls and families live free of violence.
  • Resilience - Women, girls and families are equipped to overcome the challenges they face.
  • System change - Positive change in laws, policies, financial instruments, social norms and behaviours.

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is a registered charity.

Our areas of specialisation include safety and resilience, educational pathways and financial security