Our commitment to quality

We are committed to creating a culture of continual improvement and compliance with relevant legislation, regulation, codes, guidelines and industry standards.

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand's quality objectives are approved by our CEO and senior leadership team.

Our objectives are:

  • Compliance with relevant legislation, regulation, codes, guidelines and standards
  • Maintain high levels of service delivery and achieve client satisfaction
  • Support a highly skilled and satisfied workforce
  • Maintain an environment which allows optimum safety for clients and staff

To achieve our quality objectives, a quality improvement process is followed which:

  • Is underpinned by a commitment to continuous improvement, achieving and maintaining certification to ISO 9001
  • Operates within a systematic and planned organisation-wide quality improvement framework
  • Actively involves all levels of the organisation in its preparation, implementation and evaluation (refer to responsibilities above)
  • Provides accessible and timely opportunities for those who use the organisation’s programs and services to participate in planning, evaluation and review of services
  • Supports an organisational culture of continuous learning

Our quality improvement process is the sole focus of the Quality Review Committee which consists of the National Manager Safety and Resilience, National Manager Financial Security, National Manager Education Pathways, Quality Systems Manager and the HR Manager. This committee meets monthly to monitor, manage and report to the CEO:

  • Compliance with relevant legislation, regulation, codes, guidelines and standards
  • Risk to the quality management system (the risk register is managed by and reported to the board by the CEO)
  • Respond to agreed quality improvement suggestions from staff and service users
  • Assume responsibility for oversight to all aspects of the quality process, including:
    - Monitoring the policy development, review planning and review process
    - Leading a culture of quality and continuous learning in all levels of the organisation
    - Ensuring non-conforming activities, products and services are investigated and improved
    - Ensure appropriate administrative support is provided to support quality improvement work
    - Provide relevant time release to people with quality portfolios or developmental work